Hi Risk


We traded under the name of HI Risk Unit. We started dealing with more violent crimes like bank robberies and business robberies.

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Alarm Systems

Hi-Risk Unit installs reliable security systems which include alarm systems, surveillance equipment and access control units.

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Armed Reaction

All the systems are linked to our 24 hour Control Room. We have well trained reaction officers and their tactical experience.

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Medical Rescue

Our highly qualified Medical Rescue team stabilise patients in emergency situations and our staff during operations.We are the primary medical service provider.

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Hi-Risk Unit provides a Unique guarding service, We have been providing services for 13 years and still have clients from the day we started.

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VIP Protection

To serve and protect is our specialisation. Whenever you need a escort or personal protection, please contact us NOW on 0861 707 777!!

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Hijack Rescue

Hijacking has become more "popular" the past few years. Hi-Risk Unit has rescued several victims and recovered numerous stolen goods and vehicles.

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Medical Training and Rescue

Our Medical team offers training courses on First Aid and Buddy Aid. A valid certificate will be given to those who complete their courses.

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Diplomatic Services

Hi-Risk Unit provides numerous services to embassies and diplomats, Ranging from VIP protection, explosive detection, Guarding, Armed Reaction, Emergency evacuations


Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Recovering numerous vehicles for the Government, fleet services, truck fleets and car dealerships, Hi-Risk Unit has become an expert on stolen vehicle

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Corporate Escorting

Escorting our clients through very dangerous area's and through the townships requires awareness, fitness and technique. If you need someone to escort you safely to your destination, please contact us.

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Special Events (Security and Medical Services)

We provide event security to many corporate companies like Vodacom, Local Productions(Semi Soet) and many more. Please contact us.

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K9 Unit (Explosives and Narcotics)

Hi Risk Unit has a highly Trained K9 Unit. Our speciality is the tracking of suspects. We have Explosive dogs with the skills to detect all types of explosives, Currently we are using them at ATM bombings.

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Security Systems

Our alarm systems are installed after a full risk analysis has been performed at the premises, and all the necessary factors are taken into consideration regarding problem areas.

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Trac King Vehicle Tracking System

The system provides cost effective, real-time vehicle location, mapping and reporting. Together with the Trac King system

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Security & Tactical Training & Advanced Tactical Training

The team is trained in tactical movement, house penetration, hostage rescue and handle all the arrests of suspects.

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Water Rescue Training and Services

Hi Risk Rescue provides an Inland water rescue training course to the general public, Anybody that is interested can attend

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Contact us to make an appointment for the best training experience. Self-defense classes are now available in the Pretoria area and include teaching self-defense skills, tactics and physical strength.

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Our Track Record

HI-RISK GROUP has an extensive track record and numerous success stories in the industry, backed by merit awards received from the Ministry of Safety and Security and the SAPS, among others.

About Us

Former President Nelson Mandela’s call for the proactive involvement of the previously disadvantaged individuals in the development and stimulation of the South African economy through forming SMME was a progressive move. In this it would mean that Black Business would receive equal opportunities and recognition in rendering goods and services to satisfy needs of the market.

The ever increasing levels of violence in crime in this country, has directly and indirectly led to the mushrooming of a significant number of security, guarding and armed & medical reaction companies, some merely cashing in on the situation and others positively partaking as significant stakeholders, thereby directly and indirectly partaking in the economic activity, thus impacting on the general economy