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Company Profile


The post 1994 Government has drafted and implemented policies that aim to redress the imbalances of the past, amongst others; the Black Economic Empowerment Act, Women Empowerment Policy, Employment Equity Act (Affirmative Action) and Government Procurement Policy.

Former President Nelson Mandela’s call for the proactive involvement of the previously disadvantaged individuals in the development and stimulation of the South African economy through forming SMME was a progressive move. In this it would mean that Black Business would receive equal opportunities and recognition in rendering goods and services to satisfy needs of the market.

The ever increasing levels of violence in crime in this country, has directly and indirectly led to the mushrooming of a significant number of security, guarding and armed & medical reaction companies, some merely cashing in on the situation and others positively partaking as significant stakeholders, thereby directly and indirectly partaking in the economic activity, thus impacting on the general economy of the country.

In 1998 Crewe`s Communication and Security Services was established and specialized in Violent Crime response. We joined forces with Tracker and became a leading recovery agent in the industry. We traded under the name of HI Risk Unit. We started dealing with more violent crimes like bank robberies and business robberies. Therefore this made us different from the normal domestic reaction services. We started getting a reputation for rescuing customers instead of following up on alarm signals. We were the first to integrate all essential emergency services into one service. We would respond to the alarm, provide medical assistance from our ambulance service Hi Risk Rescue and recover the vehicle fitted with a Tracker system. We also followed up with the investigation services to assist the insurance companies.

While providing these services we found it essential to have a K9 unit to help track suspects. We then found the need to expand the training to Explosives for our diplomatic services and Narcotics. The narcotic trained K9 helped eradicate drugs in the schools.

Because we became efficient in protecting clients they started receiving insurance discounts. Our main goal was to save clients money and render life saving services. We joined forces with the OPTIMIM FINACIAL GROUP. They offered our customers professional services and competitive rate. Short term, life insurance as well as Medical Aid Schemes. We believe in a personal  relationship with all our customers.

For the children we started visiting the schools educating them on safety in the home. Many of the emergency calls and rescues took place because kids knew what to do in case of an emergency. We provided homes with cell phone panics free of charge as every household had cellular phones. Everybody has a cell phone 24/7 with them and never a panic button. We believe an informed and trained customer is a safe and happy customer.

At this point CCTV started becoming more popular and it aided in arresting suspects. The biggest problem came in when customers became too busy to view their own camera`s. That became the start of our off site monitoring centre, we assisted businesses and residential homes and gave them peace of mind that someone would be watching. This service hand in hand with our Rapid Response Unit, decreased the crime by 99%.

One of our emergency services successes was a customer who experienced a fire in a high rise building, we evacuated 15 000+ people and extinguished the fire and treated the injured. It was a huge success. This made us realize, the need for evacuation training and drills at our other customers. We even provided first aid training and equipment and provided regular evacuation drills.

This is the difference between Hi Risk Unit and any other service provider. We don’t only put a guard at your door or respond to your alarm, we provide all essential services, thus giving you peace of mind that any security or emergency call will be answered immediately. We are there to keep you safe.

The establishment of HI-RISK GROUP early in 2005 reflects a dynamic partnership between a largely Black owned company and an accredited service provider in providing Security Consulting, Tactical Armed & Medical Reaction & Security Systems. The integration of these fields of expertise is essential in order to offer clients a total solution where these go hand in hand in strategically, tactically & effectively dealing with the equally sophisticated & the increasingly vicious crime incidents experienced in our country.

Hi-Risk Group therefore positions itself as a sophisticated security company, with adequately equipped personnel, to deal with an integrated tactical reaction & medical response, security systems, and total security solution. Our highly skilled staff, comes from diverse backgrounds such as police, intelligence, army, medical & rescue services, security, and business and project management, human resources, etc.

Mission Statement

To become a leading hands-on Security Consulting, Security Systems and Reaction & Medical Response agent, catalyst of transfer of skills, thus ultimately striving to establish, maintain and increase the wealth of our employees, our clients, our shareholders, and all our stakeholders.

To contribute towards the enforcement of broad-based Black Economic Empowerment and Holistic Creation, Stimulation and Development of the country’s economy, job creation, poverty alleviation and thus ultimately bringing about social balances.

Guiding Principles
  • Good governance as contained in the King Code Guide on “Corporate Governance”, shall always form our company policies.
  • We shall always strive to be in the forefront of Black Economic Empowerment.
  • We shall always put “Youth development” in particular, in the forefront of Our Empowerment policies.
  • Establish and maintain effective and efficient quality service delivery.
  • Establish and always maintain a business environment guided by moral values.
Skills & Expertise

The HI-RISK GROUP team constitutes a wealth of experience and expertise in Tactical Medical Response, Tactical Armed Reaction, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Crime Investigation, Guarding, VIP Protection and Security Systems.
Hi Risk Unit has established its own training centre in order to train our staff in advanced tactics and survival techniques. Part of the training is on the job training, this allows them to gain experience every day in house penetrations, Emergency rescues, vehicle tracking and suspect tracking, arrests and crime scene management.

Crime scene management gets drilled into every member in order to preserve evidence for the investigators. This will make the difference between a suspect serving time in jail or walking free.

Product Offerings
  • Reaction
  • Guarding (Corporate & Domestic)
  • Monitoring of Alarms and CCTV
  • VIP Protection
  • Medical Response
  • Private Ambulance Service
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Sport and Event Security
  • Alarms and other security systems
  • Surveillance Systems and Off site Monitoring
  • Access Control Systems
  • Riot Unit

These alliances include the following:

  • Hi Risk Unit and High Risk Rescue in conjunction with:
  • SAPS (South African Police Service)
  • Ministry for Safety and Security
  • National Intelligence Agency
  • Other Security Providers
Market Positioning
  • HI-RISK GROUP has been strategically positioned to address needs in the following markets:
  • The Corporate Industry
  • Banking and other financial Institutions
  • Government Departments
  • Domestic Households
  • Individuals (VIP Protection)
  • Professional Organisations (eg. Unions)
  • Sports events
  • Corporate Events  (Kurt Darren Wedding)
  • Film Industry (Semi Soet, Platteland)
Black Empowerment Policy

HI-RISK GROUP acknowledges and promotes economic empowerment of previously disadvantaged individuals (PDI’s), Historically Disadvantages Enterprises (HDE’s). The organization’s policies are utilized to expedite its economic empowerment program through established policies in employment, procurement, equity and business partnerships.

HI-RISK GROUP has an extensive track record and numerous success stories in the industry, backed by merit awards they have received from the Ministry of Safety and Security and the SAPS, among others.

As part of the group Caesars Bush Palace was created, this is our conservation unit. Included in this is our rhino poaching unit, they respond and track Rhino poaching.

Caesars is situated in the Waterberg in the town of Vaalwater, which is in the middle of the Waterberg. We have had numerous successes in apprehending poachers as well as the protection of Rhino`s.

Caesars is a resort for Hi Risk Unit customers, There you can view and interact with rescued animals like Lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars. This is where we spend time with our customers in a more relaxed environment while the kids can interact with the babies.

Caesars offers camps and education on conservation and animal care. Kids need to learn about animal care and have fun.
There is accommodation and restaurant on site.
Visit Caesars bush Palace on www.bushpalace.co.za

Major Clients (Hi-Risk Unit & Hi-Risk Rescue)
  • MAJOR CLIENTS (Hi-Risk Unit & Hi-Risk Rescue)
  • Standard Bank (Armed Reaction, Guarding, Undercover Surveillance, Medical rescue and Emergency Services)
  • First National Bank (Guarding and Response)
  • TRACKER (Vehicle Recovery)
  • Vehicle Tracking and Recovery (Government Garage)
  • Casino`s (Carnival City and Emperors Palace)
  • Spar Supermarket Group (Guarding and Armed Reaction)
  • Pick n Pay (Guarding and Response)
  • Embassy security (Eg: Italian, Cameroon, Cuban , Kuwait etc)
  • Residences (Domestic Response)
  • Film Industry (Phoenix Rising Media, Scramble Productions)
  • Steinhoff Group
  • Shopping Complexes
  • Corporate office parks
  • Rhapsody’s Group
  • News Café Group
  • Government Departments
  • Engen Service Stations
  • Tracker

*Available upon request {Hi-Risk Unit & Hi-Risk Rescue}

Awards & Achievements (Hi-Risk Units & Hi-Risk Rescue)
  • Awarded as top vehicle recovery company from Minister of Safety and Security; the late minister Steve Tshwete as well as the current minister, Minister Charles Ngqakula
  • Merit awards from TRACKER
  • Merit award from the Gauteng Police Commissioner
  • Too many to mention
Contact Details

You can call the National Control Centre at 0861 707 777 or the managing director Mr Arthur Crewe on 083 703 7399 or email arthur@hirisk.co.za.

Info@hirisk.co.za or 083 382 8886